Lawn Scarifiers

What is lawn scarifying?
It is a process which removes old grass residues and moss from the lawn. The process which enhances air circulation, water and nutrient ingress rate, and access of light to the grass roots.

Why and when to scarify?
Your lawn faces different strains during the year and its surface gets compressed whenever it is used. In the lawn, thatch begins to grow, which blocks the grass, and the roots cannot get moisture, nutrients, or light. To achieve a first-class lawn, it should be scarified at least twice a year (in the spring and autumn). Primarily, the spring care is important in order to help the lawn recover after the demanding winter.

Scarifying rules
The scarifying depth should a total of 3 mm at the most. In case the scarifying depth is larger, the lawn can get damaged. Prior to scarifying, do not forget to mow the lawn, over-seed the sparse areas which can form during the process and fertilize it.