High-pressure washers
High-pressure washers High-pressure washer should become an indispensable part of equipment in every household.

Catalogue 2018
Catalogue 2018 You can look forward to an attractive offer.
Qufality, design, and uniqueness.

This is Fieldmann!

scarifying It is a process which removes old grass residues and moss from the lawn. The process which enhances air circulation, water and nutrient ingress rate, and access of light to the grass roots.

Telescopic car snowbrush
Telescopic car snowbrush The combination of snowbrush and scraper in one guarantees comfortable sweeping the snow away and scrapping iced windows.

Cordless tools
Cordless tools You can choose from a wide range of cordless power tools from 3.6 V cordless screwdrivers to 14.4 V cordless drills and many other products from the 18 V series.

Garden Pump
Garden Pump Two new submersible pump already in offer.
FVC 5005-EC submersible pump
FVC 5010-EK submersible pump

Garden set EMILY
Garden set EMILY A garden furniture set consisting of a rectangular table and four chairs. The entire set is made of quality tropical acacia wood.

New petrol lawnmower models
New petrol lawnmower models This year has once again seen the entry of new members to our fleet of Fieldmann petrol lawnmowers.