Catalogue 2020
Catalogue 2020 You can look forward to an attractive offer.
Qufality, design, and uniqueness.

This is Fieldmann!

FZK 6115-B, Engine: OHV, 139cc, 2.2kW
Working width: 59 cm
Cleaver diameter 26 cm
Foldable transportation wheel

Telescopic car snowbrush
Telescopic car snowbrush The combination of snowbrush and scraper in one guarantees comfortable sweeping the snow away and scrapping iced windows.

Screwdriver Sets with Bits
Screwdriver Sets with Bits FDG 5014-66R Tool set 66 pcs
FDG 5013-138R Tool set 138 pcs
FDG 5011-35R Tool set 35PCS

Car accessories
Car accessories New produts in assortment are Foldable car trunk storage organizer, Safety baby mirror, Child seat pad and Car Emergency Assistant.